Cambodia Visa

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Where can I find more information about issues not related to e-Visa?
On-arrival Visa; K-Visa; Diplomatic Visa; Visa extension; Cambodia embassies worldwide; Foreign embassies at Cambodia

As an individual tourist, can I apply for multiple Visas with intention to extend my length of stay?
No. In order to extend your length of stay, please contact your local embassy.

Can I change my traveling date after submitting my application?
Yes, you can do it at Check & Change section. The traveling date must be before the e-Visa expiry date.

Can I extend my Visa on this website?
No. In order to extend your Visa, please contact local travel agents or immigration.

Can I stay at Cambodia even though my Visa had expired?
Yes. As long as you use your “entry Visa” before the expired date. You are then allowed to stay up to 30 days after your date of entry.

How many Visas can I apply at once?
5 at a time.

How soon will I receive my Visa if I apply online?
No more than 3 business days, if it’s approved.

I am a travel agent. Can I apply for my customers?
Yes, travel agents can apply for their customers.

I plan to travel from Cambodia to another country for a short trip and return back to Cambodia again. Do I need to apply two Visas within such a short period of time?
Yes, you need to apply for two e-Visas. Each e-Visa is only valid for a single entry.

I plan to travel to Cambodia three months later, can I apply now? If not, when can I start applying?
We would advise you to apply at least 2 weeks before your date of travelling to Cambodia.

I press the Next button in the application form but nothing happens. What should I do?
Possibly you may have selected a photo with large file size. Please reduce the file size and try again. If this does not solve your problem, please try on another computer.

If my children are under 12 years old, do they need a Visa?
No, as long as they don’t have they own passport and are traveling with parent’s passport.

Is e-Visa endorsed officially by the Cambodian Government?
Yes, it is officially launched since April 2006 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Is the Visa valid for single entry or for multiple entries within the period of validity?
It is valid for single entry only.

My children is above 12 years old but still travel with parent’s passport, do they need a Visa?
Yes. All children above 12 years old requires a Visa, no matter with parent’s passport or with their own passport.

My travel info (flight info, entry ports, entry date, accommodation) is not confirmed, can I still apply?
Please enter estimated information if you are not sure now. Change your travel information at Check & Change once you have confirmed.

My trip is delayed and mycambodiavisa is expired. Can you change my e-Visa validity date?
Sorry. Please re-apply.

What are the advantages of applying Visa online?
You don’t need to visit the embassy, queue up and wait for your passport to be done. All you need is a computer with Internet. The process is fast, secure and well planned, have your visa with you before reaching Cambodia. If you are traveling around the world now, you can also apply for your Visa at anywhere you are.

What is the contact e-mail address?

What is the cost of applying Visa online?
USD20 (Government fee) + USD5 processing fee + USD20 (Service fee).

What shall I do upon arrival at Immigration in Cambodia?
Please proceed to the dedicated e-Visa lane directly and hand over your passport, e-Visa and other related travelling documents (eg. arrival/departure card, passenger’s declaration card) to the immigration officer.

What should I do if I have question regarding
Please use the contact form to contact us.

What type of Visa can I apply online?
Tourist Visa only.

Where can I know more information about people who used e-Visa before?
Please visit Cambodia e-Visa Blog to learn more.

I am traveling to Cambodia via Thailand, Vietnam or Laos but I am not sure which port I will be using. What should I do?
Not all border checkpoints support e-Visa. Please check before you apply. You can apply on-arrival Visa for those checkpoints not supporting e-Visa.

The entry port which I wish to enter Cambodia does not support e-Visa, what can I do?
Please use other entry port that support e-Visa, or contact your nearest embassy for more information

Can I change my photo after submitting my application?
Yes, you can. Please send the photo to together with your reference number.

I have totally no idea how to proceed with my photo, can you help?
Please read our Photo Guidelines or contact us for assistance.

Is photo taken using digital camera or scanned from my passport acceptable?
Yes, both are acceptable.

My photo is rotated, is this still acceptable?
Please use a photo editing software to rotate your photo to the correct alignment. If you have no idea on how to do it, please read our Photo Guidelines.

What should I do if the upload of a photo takes very long time?
Please reduce the file size by resize the photo to smaller resolutions. Please read our Photo Guidelines.

If I have more than one passport, can I apply for the Visa using the particulars from the first passport and then travel with the second passport?
Travelers are required to travel with the passport for which the e-Visa is issued for.

My passport number does not match with the one on the Visa, what should I do?
This happens when you have lost your passport after receiving your Visa. You can contact us for help.

Can I contact any Cambodian embassy to check on the status of
No. Please check your e-Visa status online.

Can I make payment offline?
No. Only online payment via credit card is accepted.

Can I print my Visa in Black and White?
Yes you can, as long as it is clear.

Can I resubmit payment without filling up my application again?
Yes. You can do it in Check & Change.

Do I get a refund if my application is rejected?
Payment of the application fee does not guarantee approval of a visa. In the event of an application not being approved, the processing fee will not be refunded. We are not able to refund expired and unused visas.

How many copies of Visa do I need to print out?
Two copies. One copy will be submitted on arrival, while another copy upon leaving the country.

I apply more than one e-Visa in single application. Why do I only receive one email with one of the two e-Visas we applied?
We process each e-Visa individually even if they are submitted single application. You will receive each approved e-Visa separately.

I click the e-Visa certificate download link from my email and receive an error. It says that I am not authorized to view the page. What should I do?
Your download link may have been truncated. Please copy and paste the full link to a new web browser and try again. Or, you can also login to Check & Change to print your e-Visa certificate.

What type of credit card can I use to make payment?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express (USA only), Discover (USA only)

Will I receive my e-Visa in postal or do I collect it at the Cambodia checkpoint?
Upon approval you will receive an email with a link to download your e-Visa certificate.

Will there be any e-Visa sticker on my passport?
No. All you need is to print out the Visa yourself and bring it along with your passport.